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May Newsletter

Hello MQC Community!

At the Youth Activism Gathering this past month we assembled 4 more backpacks on Sunday the 15th of April which were all distributed by Tuesday the 17th of April. Over the course of a few months, since mid-November, the Backpacks for Homeless Youth project has assembled 22 backpacks and distributed 18 of them. Autumn, the project organizer, looks forward to assembling more backpacks in the future.

I'd like to use this part of the newsletter to talk about my experiences at the Youth Activism Gathering. Being surrounded people my age and younger organizing for the change they want to see is incredibly inspiring. Seeing all the passion involved in this event made me feel proud to be an organizer alongside them. We made connections with other young organizers and found potential new collective members who expressed interest in our collective. Multiple people showed interest in organizing fundraisers for our programs. I was proud to have people interested and invested in the work we do. It shows that we have a real impact on the lives of queer youth around us and in Maine.

Want to Support Mindful Queer Collective? Mindful Queer Collective needs your love and assistance to continue functioning. We are a group of organizers and activists that aim to provide support and advice, necessary resources, and safe spaces for queer expression. We operate on donations, grants, and the fulfillment that comes from cultivating community. Please contact us if you can spare any supplies, money, and/or time to help with programs!

You can support us financially by sending checks to Resources for Organizing and Social Change (ROSC) that mention Mindful Queer Collective in the memo. ROSC’s mailing address is: ROSC, PO Box 2444, Augusta, ME 04338-2444.

Many thanks, Riley Cyr She/Her/Hers

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