Drop-Ins are confidential spaces for queer, trans, and allied folks to gather for free food, open conversation, and support. Maine can be an inaccessible and isolating place, especially for youth. Drop-Ins create access to group activities and projects, an ever-growing library of resources, and cozy spaces to openly identify within.


Drop-Ins hosts are responsible adults committed to providing support and care. They hold space, encourage youth leadership, and craft activities to meet the needs of Drop-In attendees. For example, creating shirts, self-care posters, workshop materials, and cards for LGBTQ+ inmates. Adult hosts answer to youth direction and help regular attendees develop into group leaders, because we believe youth know best what they need.​

We require donations to function. Art supplies are a great resource for us. We can always use colored pencils, construction paper, markers, mason jars, plain t shirts, posterboard, and anything else you may have to offer. Food is also a necessity. Can you provide food for a Drop-In? An allergen sensitive meal for 5-10 goes very far. Attendees also frequently request professional guest hosts to provide support, skill training, and assistance with organizing. Contact us if you can help!

We are currently hosting a Drop-In every Thursday from 3:30-5:30pm at the CM Bailey Public Library in Winthrop!

Can you Host a Drop-In?

  • We need safe, accessible locations to meet at. We currently have requests for Drop-Ins in Boothbay Harbor, Brunswick, and Whitefield/Gardener.  

  • We are seeking adults to support a Waterville Drop-In. We already have an arranged location.

If you feel that you may meet our needs, please send us a message telling us about yourself. Have you hosted events before? Do you have a potential Drop-In site? What is it like? Are you receptive to the physical and emotional needs of others? Do you have experience with conflict resolution and holding space?

We look forward to hearing from you!

Mindful Queer Collective needs your love and assistance to continue functioning. We are a group of organizers and activists that aim to provide support and advice, necessary resources, and safe spaces for queer expression. We operate on donations, grants, and the fulfillment that comes from cultivating community. Please message us at mindfulqueercollective@gmail.com if you can spare any supplies, money, and/or time to help with programs!

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