Autumn is a queer youth organizer who has helped organize everything from contra dances to the LGBT+ Teen Group at Lithgow. She is currently working on the MQC Backpacks for Homeless Youth Project and trying to get better at writing bios.




Ivy is a Comorbidly Disordered Transfeminine activist with knee and spinal traumas. They do their best to raise up queer communities by organizing safe spaces and events, doing outreach with queer homeless and youth, educating about and protesting against LGBTQIA+ discrimination, and by creating queer media. They strive to bring intersectionality to all of their efforts. Their passions include nonfiction studies, creative writing, game design, and destigmatizing mental illness. They are currently the web manager for Ability Maine and Mindful Queer Collective. To reach them for any Web Design work you’d like done (and please, only that), email them at For any questions or comments pertaining to MQC, please message us at!



Sass Linneken (pronouns: they/them), is a genderqueer pansexual who facilitates the Mindful Queer Collective's weekly drop-in for LGBTQ+ youth, organizes with various grassroots groups on anti-racism and decolonization work, and makes a living as the Executive Director of Resources for Organizing and Social Change. On their own since age 16, and a veteran of chronic homelessness, Sass is no stranger to what it means to struggle and how it feels to try and thrive in a world where the deck is stacked against those at the bottom, which is why they are having a love affair with grassroots organizing. Though Sass much enjoys engaging in various types of direct-relief charity work, what they most enjoy is trying to knock down the pillars of violent, exploitative, capitalist, colonizing culture that neglect the poor and working class and are the impetus for white supremacy and racism, homelessness, climate change, war, environmental degradation, hate and intolerance to begin with.



Bianca is a multi-dimensional inter-galactic light warrior, love gangster, mentor, and 11-year-veteran of the healing arts community. She reconnected with a missing aspect of herself at the Choi Institute in June 2015, where she now hosts Self Defense Sundays. In 2005, Bianca trained at the Reiki center Hearts & Hands in Brunswick, ME, and has since been giving consultation and performing healing work. In addition, she is certified in holistic massage and polarity therapy by The Polarity Realization Institute in Westbrook, ME. Bianca provides transformational bodywork and counsels clients in finding their own innate wisdoms, strengths, and abundances. She also has 10+ years of classical musical training and sets aside time daily to send out musical sounds of compassion, fortitude, and love to those in need.



​Evan has helped organize harm reduction houses and Food Not Bombs in Portland as a homeless activist. Evan helped with facilitation and events planning for the Holistic Recovery Project--a peer run, all recovery program organizing out of Preble Street Resource Center. These and a myriad of other experiences cultivating confidential, therapeutic spaces gives Evan extreme proficiency in peer support, facilitation training, and community gatherings around disability justice.

Evan is agender transfeminine and uses name pronouns. 




Richie makes art and music under the name Ursidae. He curated a cassette production project called THE DAY/NIGHT TAPES and a podcast about field recordings called The Stereo Field. In college, Richie co-founded an alternative sexuality and gender group. He currently organizes <<The Canvassing For Catharsis Project>>. While Richie does support direct action, he also firmly believes that music and visual art create meaningful change.



Alianne approaches community cultivation as a daily spiritual act. Xy brings grassroots activism to other youth, fosters and empowers local groups and events, and develops the resilience of queer and trans communities. Xy has coordinated drop-ins, workshops, cross-regional event series, and a weekend-long conference on queer environmentalism.

In 2015, xy became a core member of Maine Students for Climate Justice, a board member of Pine Tree Youth Organizing, and co-founder of Mindful Queer Collective and Maine Transgender Lobby. In 2016, Alianne graduated from high school, moved to Portland, began volunteering for Resources for Organizing for Social Change, and paneled about “Marginalized Voices within Queer Communities” as a nonbinary relationship anarchist during the 2nd Annual Maine LGBTQ+ Health Conference. In 2017, xy has focused on affirming the worried, validating the angered, and spreading calls to action.



Lin is an indigenous queer/two-spirit/nonbinary Anishinaabe (Ojibwe/Chippewa) femme human who originated in northern Wisconsin (Red Cliff reservation, also known as Miskwaabekong, on the south shore of Lake Superior/Gitchigami).

They are a grassroots organizer with 12+ years of experience in activist movements. They are a former sexual health educator and have experience as a canvasser, youth organizer, and advocate for two-spirit and other LGBTQ youth of color. They moved to Maine in February 2016 from Portland, OR, where they worked for two years as the Youth Engagement Specialist for the National Indian Child Welfare Association (NICWA) after spending a year working as a domestic violence and sexual assault advocate for their tribal community in Wisconsin.

Lin is currently a consultant, writer, and artist, working to advocate on local, regional, and national levels, for spaces and services where all young people, including and especially queer & trans youth of color, can be their full authentic selves without apology. Lin serves on the Board of Directors for Youth MOVE National (Youth Motivating Others through Voices of Experience). Their passions include decolonization, disability justice, reproductive justice, body and sex positivity, and social change through music and comedy.



Keagan is a transmasculine queer student, full-time worker, certified personal trainer, and self-defense instructor. He grew up in Portland, ME, where he first got involved in activism at age twelve through <<PRYSM>>. He has started <<GSAs>> in high schools, paneled for various trans issues, and informed doctors-in-training on how to better treat their trans patients at <<UNE medical college workshops>>. After the 2016 election, Keagan recognized a need for self-defense training for at-risk individuals, and he hosted Disengagement and Empowerment courses that taught practical safety pointers and de-escalation techniques. Keagan is also passionate about BDSM and has hosted safety-oriented workshops promoting consent, healthy practices, and empowering experiences. He currently mentors trans youth, hosts an online fitness community for transmasculine people, and performs financial wizardry as MQC’s accountant.




Rachel is a polysexual, polyamorous, mestizx transfemme who grew up in the Deep South. She/They/Pe studied sociology in northern Louisiana. Rachel has done organizing work with progressive organizations in Washington, D.C.; Portland, OR; and Minneapolis, MN. She chose to come to Maine to put down roots and build community, and she currently lives with other queer activists in Windsor, ME. She specializes in networking, fundraising, and helping people to find calm and take action during crises. She does Tarot focused on self-discovery and improvement.



Maddie Aerona is a student artist from Dayton, Ohio. They enjoy working in a wide variety of mediums, including collage, ink, and photography. They use photojournalism as both a means of self-expression and a form of communication. Abstract elements, concepts, and pieces attract Maddie Aerona. They identify as nonbinary, poly, and Quaker.

Maddie Aerona takes donation-based family portraits. Not everyone can afford quality photographs to remember a period of time with family. Anything beyond cost of production goes to make prints of the photos to give to those photographed. Maddie Aerona is currently open for general commissions, too. All purchases will go towards their education. In 2016, they graduated Olney Friends School and enrolled at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine. Their next milestone is to get their certification to become a doula. They hope to provide at risk people with prenatal, labor, and postpartum therapy and care.

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