Sedum is a non-binary queer community organizer based in Central Maine. Sedum volunteers as an At-Large member of the MaineTransNet steering committee and MTN Youth Caucus, they have also served on the Farm & Homestead Day at MOFGA steering committee and the Central Maine Pride steering committee. They are currently working on the MQC Backpacks Program and probably writting a meeting agenda. Sedum enjoys potlucks and google docs.



​Evan has helped organize harm reduction houses and Food Not Bombs in Portland as a homeless activist. Evan helped with facilitation and events planning for the Holistic Recovery Project--a peer run, all recovery program organizing out of Preble Street Resource Center. These and a myriad of other experiences cultivating confidential, therapeutic spaces gives Evan extreme proficiency in peer support, facilitation training, and community gatherings around disability justice.

Evan is agender transfeminine and uses name pronouns. 



Leo is a non-binary, queer, disabled, activist, organizer, artist, writer, punk, street medic, and leftist. Leo serves on a multitude of boards. Leo cares deeply about harm reduction, solidarity with houseless community members, and their cat Cannoli.



Sass Linneken is a genderqueer pansexual who facilitates the Mindful Queer Collective's weekly drop-in for LGBTQ+ youth, organizes with various grassroots groups on anti-racism and decolonization work, and makes a living as the Executive Director of Resources for Organizing and Social Change. On their own since age 16, and a veteran of chronic homelessness, Sass is no stranger to what it means to struggle and how it feels to try and thrive in a world where the deck is stacked against those at the bottom, which is why they are having a love affair with grassroots organizing. Though Sass much enjoys engaging in various types of direct-relief charity work, what they most enjoy is trying to knock down the pillars of violent, exploitative, capitalist, colonizing culture that neglect the poor and working class and are the impetus for white supremacy and racism, homelessness, climate change, war, environmental degradation, hate and intolerance to begin with.



Sett is an activist, organizer, and anarchist based in Central Maine. Sett serves on the Resources for Organizing and Social Change board and is the director for Pine Tree Youth Organizing.  



Josie is a non-binary previous island resident, current College Of the Atlantic student, armature boat builder. 






Ivy is a Comorbidly Disordered Transfeminine activist with knee and spinal traumas. They do their best to raise up queer communities by organizing safe spaces and events, doing outreach with queer homeless and youth, educating about and protesting against LGBTQIA+ discrimination, and by creating queer media. They strive to bring intersectionality to all of their efforts. Their passions include nonfiction studies, creative writing, game design, and destigmatizing mental illness. They are currently the web manager for Ability Maine and Mindful Queer Collective. To reach them for any Web Design work you’d like done (and please, only that), email them at For any questions or comments pertaining to MQC, please message us at!

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Mindful Queer Collective needs your love and assistance to continue functioning. We are a group of organizers and activists that aim to provide support and advice, necessary resources, and safe spaces for queer expression. We operate on donations, grants, and the fulfillment that comes from cultivating community. Please message us at if you can spare any supplies, money, and/or time to help with programs!

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