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Gaming provides an intentional space where people can unwind, play, and enjoy themselves. It's a low-pressure social opportunity for individuals to gather around a common cause. Players can rely on game mechanics to provide boundaries and rules for interaction. Neurodivergent individuals often take comfort in the structured nature of the activity. Gaming is also an opportunity to observe and learn from others while developing connections.

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Seeking Event Locations!
Do you have a space capable of hosting a local meetup or gaming group? Please contact us!

“Gaming has long been an important part of my life. In my struggles with mental illness and gender identity, games were a needed outlet for me to explore gender and sexuality, learn to socialize with others, and even to process trauma. I learned coping and resilience skills through the characters my friends and I created and through the space we held around the game table. When I was homeless and working with the Holistic Recovery Project, a peer-run recovery support network, I started hosting regular game nights out of Preble Street in Portland, Maine. It was wonderful how gaming not only became a sight of community for us, but a space for healing and growth. People tried out new skills with characters they created, worked on trust issues, and worked through communication difficulties, while playing a cooperative game."

~Evan McVeigh, Community Organizer

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