Queer and trans people face astronomically high rates of homelessness and housing insecurity. This is particularly true among youth, many of whom are kicked out of their homes simply for being themselves. Many also face intersecting actors in housing insecurity- including poverty, legal status, disability status, abuse, and a lack of housing resources in rural regions. Homelessness leaves queer and trans youth at risk for sexual and domestic abuse, drug addiction, sexual exploitation, and physical violence. 

We want to support those youth and young adults in our community and other communities facing homelessness. To do this, we are putting together backpacks filled with essential supplies and useful resources to help keep youth safe, warm, and connected to their support networks. We need help putting these packs together. If churches and community groups take on building a pack a piece, we can spread them out with the help of volunteers and partner organizations. If you or your organization is interested in helping us build one, please contact us!


If you need a backpack, call Autumn at (207) 710-9135.

To the right is a list of acceptable donations to bring to a community event! Below is a PDF spreadsheet to print and pass around, say after mass or a community dinner, with item by item "Who's Getting it" and "Obtained?" boxes.

To download our Donations List pdf, click here!


  • BACKPACKS - large backpack, rolling bag, duffle bag

  • WARM ITEMS - heavy duty sleeping bag, emergency blanket, soft/light blanket, wool socks, winter hat, winter gloves

  • BASIC FIRST AID KIT - misc bandaids, alcohol wipes, ankle wrap, pain meds, drug store gift card


  • BASIC TOILETRIES - toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, plastic comb, tampons, pads, deodorant, travel bottle of shampoo/conditioner, nail clippers, hand sanitizer, unscented salve or lotion, sunscreen, reny's or drug store gift card

  • SCHOOL SUPPLIES - box of black pens, box of #2 pencils, pencil sharpener, college-ruled notebook, scientific calculator, 1" binder, 4 pack of AA batteries

  • FOOD - 5 bags of black tea, 5 hot chocolate packets, 5 microwave popcorn packets, 1 box of nut-free granola/snack bars, 1 bottle of water, gift cards to chain cafes, gift cards to chain grocery stores,

  • MISC ITEMS - 2 kitchen trash bags, sunglasses, 10 large/gallon ziplock bags, 5 small/sandwich ziplock bags, roll of duct tape, $10 in quarters, flashlight, small umbrella, waterproof wallet, refillable water bottle  

Mindful Queer Collective needs your love and assistance to continue functioning. We are a group of organizers and activists that aim to provide support and advice, necessary resources, and safe spaces for queer expression. We operate on donations, grants, and the fulfillment that comes from cultivating community. Please message us at if you can spare any supplies, money, and/or time to help with programs!

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